Flexible, Future-Proof Command and Control

Synergy™ security management software is a simple, but comprehensive integration, and security management solution that offers an innovative, map-based interface, centralized command and control console, and professional management suite with unparalleled flexibility, security and scalability.

Synergy employs a “hardware agnostic” design that supports legacy analogue, transitional hybrid, and contemporary IP-based CCTV systems; all from a single integrated recording and control platform.

Delivering a user-friendly interface, Synergy streamlines access to the most commonly used operator functions, accelerates response to critical events, and presents vital procedural information that operators need to respond quickly and appropriately.

Advanced Video and Data Integration

Synergy seamlessly integrates with a wide range of third party systems including analogue, digital and IP video systems, access control, intruder detection, fire, PA, Help Point, RFID, ANPR, ePOS, process control, Video Content Analysis, Traffic Monitoring and Display wall technology

Synectics is committed to supporting open standards and interoperable solutions for the security industry. A member of various open standards organizations including ONVIF and PSIA, Synergy security management software is fully conformant with the ONVIF core specification 1.02 and the PSIA 1.0 IP Media Device specification is implemented into the software.

Successful integration of third-party systems to video surveillance enables a growing array of integrated video / data driven tools referred to as Dataveillance. Synergy's advanced video management system functions can now combine data events from multiple alarm and transactional systems and initiate customized situation management alarms and processes to expose internal theft, computer fraud and other loss-related events.

Synergy also monitors itself with detailed activity reports for managers to review audit trails of reviewed evidence, alarm responses, or configuration changes to evaluate system performance and employee use (or abuse). Critically acclaimed Synergy has been adopted as the security integration platform of choice by major casinos, city centers, banks, and other sensitive commercial areas, public, oil and gas and marine facilities across the globe.

Integrated Analytics

Synergy Video Content Analysis (VCA) is available via the Synectics’ i-Synx Centralized Analytics Server. Analytics capabilities for camera tampering, gross scene change, object classification and single tripwire are provided (with i-Synx) as standard, with optional add-on license packs for more sophisticated threat recognition and detection including perimeter breaches, object removal, objects left behind, loitering and people counting.

iSynx systematically monitors surveillance activity against predefined software rules such as tripwire or motion. It automatically detects and notifies Synergy on potential security breaches, bringing the incident, location and corresponding camera feeds to the attention of live operators. Security personnel monitoring large or distributed facilities can identify, verify and respond quickly and appropriately. Through Synergy operators simply select the analytic rule(s) to be applied, specify the designated video streams to monitor (which can include any cameras on the network), and define specific areas of interest to include or exclude to minimize false alarms.