Recording Management System

Synectics’ Recording Management System (RMS) is designed for ease of use, superior picture quality, seamless integration and ultra reliable failover. RMS supports one to thousands of analogue and / or IP cameras, offering a robust and reliable feature set that delivers professional video recording, storage and review.

RMS is designed to encode, stream and record real-time, MPEG2 or H.264 video from Synectics encoders at up to D1 resolution or MPEG4, H.264 or MJPEG video from third party IP cameras ranging from Standard Definition (SD) to multi megapixel, High Definition (HD) sources.

Play back can be achieved to any number of operator review clients, locally or remotely, and video storage is possible for days, weeks, months or years on redundant enterprise servers. Recording can be centralized or distributed, and function in a fully IP digital or hybrid, analogue / digital CCTV environment.

Synectics' RMS, with Synergy™ video review software, integrates legacy analogue products with the latest digital technology, maximizing your capital investment. Our non-proprietary recording system allows users to combine best of breed CCTV and alarm products from multiple manufacturers to create powerful integrated, end-to-end security solutions.