Integrated, Turnkey Solutions for Urban Environments

Public space security environments encompass vast geographical areas that are often heavily populated and can include a multitude of private and government assets like town and city centers, schools, universities and libraries, museums, prisons, shopping areas, event venues, housing estates, parks, roads and motorways, car parks, etc.

Public areas and facilities like these face unique security challenges like terrorist attacks, natural disasters, criminal activity, accidents, public disorder, traffic overflow, and a range of other threats to public safety.

To effectively mitigate, monitor and respond to these types of events, government authorities and associated agencies in the public space sector require specialist surveillance systems that enable them to work together to resolve incidents quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Synergy 3 Upgrade Gives Bromley a Boost

Upgrading to a single, open architecture command and control platform has allowed Bromley Council to benefit from a ‘step change’ in community safety, thanks to a range of surveillance and security integrations.


Pioneers in Surveillance Technology

For 30 years, Synectics has engineered and installed enterprise-class surveillance solutions in town and city centers in the UK, Middle East, Europe, South Africa and North America. Synectics monitors more than 100 town and city centers in the UK alone.

User-Friendly and Scalable Command and Control Software

Synectics’ success in public space security is based on delivering large-scale, integrated solutions that combine exceptional reliability and picture quality with flexible, scalable and user-friendly Synergy 3 command and control software.

Synectics’ hardware and software products are designed to integrate legacy CCTV matrices, cameras and control systems with the latest third party surveillance products (IP cameras, analytic software, etc) to create cost-effective, turnkey security solutions that naturally evolve as user demands and technologies change.

Salford City Council Case Study

Salford City Council embraced Synergy 3 to best use new crime fighting camera technology, as part of a wider initiative in making the city a safer place to live. Find out how.


Integration into Synergy of third party alarms from commercial properties offers revenue generation streams, providing the opportunity to turn the CCTV control room into a cost-neutral operation – a key consideration when faced with budget cuts and control room consolidation.

Experience, flexibility, and reliability make Synectics the ideal choice for mission-critical public surveillance applications. 

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