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Integrated Solutions for Transportation

Transportation environments face a variety of unique security challenges to ensure the safe and secure transport of passengers and cargo. The threat of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, criminal activity, accidents and public order are all concerns when managing public safety and asset protection in transport environments.

In addition to responding to any potential threats and incidents, providers have to manage the daily operations of these facilities, adhering to strict safety and security procedures, maintaining uninterrupted service provision and enabling passengers and cargo to flow quickly and safely through the facility.

To effectively mitigate, monitor and respond to any events and maintain normal daily operation transport providers require specialist surveillance systems that enable them to resolve incidents quickly, efficiently and effectively.

User-Friendly and Scalable Command and Control Software

Synectics has demonstrated success in delivering large-scale, integrated solutions for high demand transportation environments including airports, ports, bus and rail. Our digital recording solutions combine exceptional reliability and picture quality with flexible, scalable and user-friendly Synergy security management software.

The ability to integrate multiple third party systems such as access control management, perimeter intrusion detection, help points and operational systems into a single control environment offers increased situational awareness and management.

Synectics’ hardware and software products are designed to integrate legacy CCTV matrices, cameras and control systems with the latest third party surveillance products (IP cameras, analytic software, etc.) to create cost-effective, turnkey security solutions that naturally evolve as user demands and technologies change.

Experience, flexibility, and reliability make Synectics the ideal choice for mission-critical transportation surveillance applications.

Rail in Focus: Unlocking the Benefits of Converged Surveillance

Our new white paper looks at how transport networks can become smarter, safer, and more connected, through the convergence of on-vehicle and trackside surveillance.

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