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Protecting Vital National Systems and Assets

Now more than ever, countries across the world are facing the potential of high-level threats due to escalated terrorism and global adversity. Critical infrastructure sites, essential for the functioning of society and the economy, are the most vulnerable.

Facilities for electricity, oil & gas, telecommunication, water supply, agriculture, transportation, financial services, police and military are all potential targets for attack. They require specialist physical security and surveillance applications to mitigate events that could incapacitate or destroy these vital systems and assets and have a debilitating impact on physical and economic security and public health and safety.

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Wide-Area Situational Awareness

Prepare for the future for critical infrastructure protection solutions, and find out about the developments and innovations that protect people and reduce risk.

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Specialist High-Security Surveillance Systems

Synectics has a long history of developing specialist security and surveillance systems for large-scale, disparate, critical infrastructure environments where high-quality video, reliable monitoring, advanced systems integration and situational management functionality are essential.

Threat Level Response

The very nature of Critical National Infrastructure sites means they are directly affected by National Threat Levels and need to respond quickly and efficiently to any changes to the status that suggests the sites may be at risk. With centralized and remote control of multiple sites, Synectics' technology can be used to create a nationwide surveillance system that is set up to modify its processes based on the threat level and react differently to incidents based on the perceived risks.

Synectics digital hardware and software security solutions have been engineered to meet the special needs of high-security, mission critical environments where legacy CCTV matrices, cameras and control systems must seamlessly integrate with the latest third party surveillance products including alarms, intruder and perimeter control systems.

Synergy, Synectics' security management software, delivers a scalable, highly reliable and user-friendly command and control platform ideal for the complex demands of critical infrastructure sites. With built in workflows, Synergy can guide the operator through a sequence of predetermined actions in the event of an incident, ensuring that even in the most demanding of situations, correct procedures are followed.

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