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Synectics publishes white papers on an ongoing basis to offer comprehensive insight into relevant security-related topics, and the contents draw on our experience in designing and delivering end-to-end surveillance control systems for the world's most demanding security environments.

They look at the most important trends affecting the industry today, and explore how technological developments drive new benefits for system operators.

Each white paper is available for download now. To be the first to know when others are released sign up to receive our news updates.

Latest - Modernizing Utilities Management

Find out how digitization allows utility operators to achieve true digital transformation, unifying asset-heavy and geographically diverse locations with an integrated surveillance command and control platform.

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Aviation White Paper: Emerging Best Practice in Airport Surveillance

This white paper takes an in-depth look at the latest applications of integrated security management solutions across airports.

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Camera Surveillance Trends: The Future in HD

The advent of ultra high definition is redefining the possibilities for camera capabilities. Explore the different options of camera technology now available.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection: Wide-Area Situational Awareness

Prepare for the future for critical infrastructure protection solutions, and find out about the developments and innovations that protect people and reduce risk.

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IP Networking: Options and Considerations

Migrating to an IP surveillance system is a dominant trend across most sectors. In this Technical Paper, we explore the key considerations for establishing a high-performance network that supports surveillance objectives.

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Marine White Paper: Safety, Security & the Ice-Class Revolution

Learn how security technology has evolved to mitigate risks associated with arctic shipping routes.

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Metadata: The Details That Deliver Smarter Surveillance

Learn how to take advantage of the benefits of metadata and how it can be used to deliver enhanced surveillance intelligence.

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Offshore Threat Detection: Oil and Gas Surveillance at Sea

Synectics examines how existing and emerging technologies are being used to protect and defend offshore assets.

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Redundancy and Resilience: Preventing Data Loss and Downtime

Modern technologies utilized by today's surveillance systems can help to mitigate the unique threats faced by ports. Find out how these work.

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SAN White Paper: Meeting the Needs of Big Data and Major Infrastructure Surveillance Systems

This essential guide to Storage Area Networks (SAN) examines the latest options for surveillance data storage, to help you choose the right solution.

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Surveillance as a Communications Centre White Paper

We look at how today's security solutions can extend their value by integrating with communication devices and protocols.

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Port Terminal Surveillance: Protecting Economic Gateways

Modern technologies utilised by today's surveillance systems can help to mitigate the unique threats faced by ports. Find out how these work.

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Public Attitudes to CCTV: What Can We Learn?

Explore some of the ways that local authorities can respond to the changing public perception of CCTV.

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Public Space White Paper: Making Smart Transitions from Legacy Systems

Find out how towns and cities can make the leap from traditional surveillance systems to an intelligently integrated Smart City solution.

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Rail in Focus: Unlocking the Benefits of Converged Surveillance

This white paper looks at how transport networks can become smarter, safer, and more connected, through the convergence of on-vehicle and trackside surveillance.

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